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Unlock the Potential of Your Community, Brand, and Content

Do you...

  • have an existing community?
  • possess a strong brand with an existing customer base?
  • utilise an existing channel to market?
  • create content that your customers are interested in?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then it's time to explore the opportunities in launching your own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business.

Why Become an MVNO?

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a reseller of wireless communication services. Operating by leasing wireless capacity from a third-party Mobile Network Operator (MNO) at wholesale prices, MVNOs resell services to consumers at reduced retail prices under their own business brand.

MVNOs are not limited to specific industries or business sizes. They can provide mobile services to employees, groups of friends, associations, or even large families.

Partner with Us for Success

Why Choose Us?

With a strong track record, deep industry knowledge, and a dedicated team of specialists, we have established our presence in Nigeria to support clients in building and executing transformational strategies in the dynamic MVNO marketplace.

The Mobilise Platform

Empower your MVNO journey with our MVNE platform, designed to provide the essential tools for success. Simplifying the complexities of running an MVNO, our platform is your key to success.

MVNE Product Presentation

Find out more about the platform, its architecture and features.

Simplify, Create, and Thrive

We Keep it Simple

Understanding the need for simplicity, we help you create your own-brand mobile phone services with minimal capital investment.

Tailored Propositions

You can focus on developing tailored propositions and applications while we handle all technical and operational aspects of setting up and running the service.

Ideal for All

Whether you are a business, charity, affinity group, sports club, or any other organisation, our services cater to your diverse needs.

Contact Us for Your Long-term Success

For more information on how we can help ensure your long-term success by lowering the barriers to entry, providing end-to-end commercial and operational support, and ensuring your customers get the best possible service, contact us:

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